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Wednesday, June 13, 2012
The future of 1191
I have been told by many guests and visitors from other lodges that we are the friendliest lodge they have ever been to. This makes me proud to be a member and Governor of Moose Lodge 1191. Part of creating activities and programs is participation by our members. Each of us had our own reasons for becoming a member of the moose. Maybe you were interested in the cheap food and drinks, or maybe it was a desire to support children and elderly, it might have been a desire for fraternalism, sporting events, or picnics and feeds. My desire is to continue offering all of these things, and more. We should not become complacent, and satisfied with business as usual. Our drink prices have remained competitive and we are the only club in town to still serve bottle beer. We have food available at least 6 nights a week. We have entertainment twice a month, picnics, holiday parties for kids, and feeds scheduled. This may sound adequate to some. I think we can do better. To do this we need help. There are many committees that members can be a part of or even the chairperson of. We often rely on our house committee to do all the things necessary to keep the lodge running. A lot is required of them as they have stepped forward desiring to serve as an official on the board of officers. The house committee is comprised only of your board of officers. They are to oversee the social quarters and its operations. This is the only committee that the membership cannot serve on without election. All other committees are by appointment, either by the Governor or the Committee Chairperson. If you would like to be more involved in the lodge, without the demands of making the day to day decisions, contemplate getting involved with one of the standing or special committees. These committees are intended to bring us together in our common goals and desires. Without them our Lodge will not flourish as we all desire it to.

The standing committees are as follows.

Activities – Both lodge and chapter members work together. Plan social and recreational activities for members. Plan Lodge fundraising events.

Application review - Conduct thorough and impartial investigation and selection of applicants for membership.

Auditing - Fully audit each of the financial reports.

Communications – Communicate news and info about the lodge to the members. Convey positive image of the lodge and fraternity to the community.

Community service – Fundraising for local charities, and conducting services to the community.

Government relations – Preserve the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

Membership - recruitment, reception, recognition, and retention.

Moose charities – Fundraising for mooseheart, and moosehaven.

Moose Legion – Legion members. Provide service to the lodge and social activities for Moose legionnaires and their families.

Ritual – Ensure proper opening and closing of general meetings.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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